Drag the PriSpyPriSpy Button into your Bookmarks Toolbar
  • 1. Price too high?
  • 2. Track it with PriSpy
  • 3. Get notified about price drop
  • 4. Save money!
  • Install the button or watch the video!

Save Money with PriSpy

PriSpy is a universal price tracking tool. If you find something too expensive in an online-shop just click on the PriSpy Button in your browser. PriSpy will check the price everyday for you. If the price drops PriSpy will inform you immediately.

It is super simple to install the PriSpy Button. Just watch the video.

It works for Amazon, ASOS, Apple, Etsy, Zappos, Threadless, SuperDry, Hollister ... and every other shop out there!


I can't drag the button into the browser bookmarks ...

I've made some videos lately that explain how you can install the PriSpy Button. If you still have some problems feel free to send me an email.

How can I remove PriSpy?

There is in every email a link to your email settings. Right click on the PriSpy button and select remove to remove the button. It would be nice if you would fill out the feedback form so that I can improve my tool.

When do I have to click the PriSpy button?

Navigate with your browser to a product that you want to buy. It helps us if you navigate to the exact product page - not an overview. Click the PriSpy Button in your browser. Click on save and wait for our email. That can take hours, days or weeks. It depends on the shops.

How much does it cost?

It's free ... because I save some money too! If you want to help me you can fill out the feedback form.

Will you sell my email address or spam me?

No, I will never ever sell your email address to other people and never ever spam you. If you do not like the service there is in every mail a link at the bottom with your email settings where you can modify the options.

Who are you?

I am a 28 years old student in London. It's expensive here so that's the reason why I started PriSpy. You can contact me via email: vivian.gledhillgmailcom (add a @ in front of gmail and a . behind it)